Tips to Prevent the Smartphone Addiction in Children

Tips to Prevent the Smartphone Addiction in Children

Gone are the days where a child used to demand puzzles, books, and toys. Time has come to ask kids what do you need this Diwali? The answer wouldn’t surprise you! Sometimes, you’ll be left in shock “how does my daughter or son learn about the smartphones?”

These days all you can notice, a majority of kids have glued their eyes to the smartphones and many prefer to excel in their academics learning through smartphones and internet. That’s because kids addicted to technology and internet addiction kids!

However, internet and smartphones are equally associated with the advantages and disadvantages. Helping your child to avoid the negative impact caused by the internet addiction could be hard to some extent, but it’s not a rocket science!

Talk to them about the good and bad things that are associated with the gadget or any other thing, such as kids addicted to phones, kids addicted to games, and computer addiction. Teaching your children at the early age could help them to build confidence in coming days and also become a better person.

Here are few things that help to prevent kids addicted to iPad, kids addicted to tablets, kids and computer addiction:

1. In your busy schedule make sure you dedicate time for your little ones. Spending time with your kids is the best and preferred stress buster rather than sticking your eyes to the smartphones.

2. Play with them and become a kid again, which helps to attach with the kid emotionally. Learn what makes them happy whether it’s a musical instrument or a toy; sing with your kid and discovery a new song or a tune.

3. Instead of playing “Fruit Ninja” make your kid to eat fruits and vegetable at an early age to develop their immunity. Make them understand the value of food and help them to choose their favorite food rather than promising to buy iPhone or iPod.

4. Kids really don’t need “Temple Run” to run around and develop their physic; all they need is some elder’s while kids play basketball or any field activities.

5. Limit the internet access or disable the internet connection to prevent the download of inappropriate apps and access to unauthorized websites.

6. If kids addicted to technology, it’s important to know their whereabouts. However, questioning them would make the situation worse; make sure you build a friendly relationship and talk to them without hurting their feelings.

7. Limit the cell phone usage and set a proper guidance that they should return the smartphones before they hit the bed.

8. If you happened to leave the child alone with the cell phone, keep the spy applications “ON” to keep a track on their internet activities.

9. Keep them occupied with books, DIYs, puzzle games, and toys which help them to develop their thinking power.

10. Encourage them to meet new people and teach your kids that it’s interesting and fun to explore new places. Kids need your attention and they are the best medicine for your stress.

Kids don’t need smartphones, they are smart without it!

A research says that many parents have accepted the fact that smartphones are important for kids to know their whereabouts. However, certain amounts of children make use of cell phones according to the parent’s condition.

The internet craze and excess use of smartphones could be detrimental mental and physical health. Your children might share the personal information with strangers and this could lead to some mishaps without your knowledge.

Kids and computer addiction might result in inactive lifestyle and could lead to obesity. This could collaborate in mood swings, deteriorated performance in academics, vision and attention problems, and disturbance in sleeping patterns.

Every kid is unique; some might excel in technology, while some find their life in art, sport, or writing as their passion, or to become a rock chic would be your kid’s dream. Don’t encourage your child to use technology at an early age; their innocence is the best part of being a kid. Enjoy the innocence and it’s your chance to become a kid again and kill the evil called stress.