Things You Can Gift to Your Kids This Diwali

Things You Can Gift to Your Kids This Diwali

It still feels like yesterday we celebrated Diwali, but time flies faster than we think. Time has arrived to celebrate the festival of lights, which signifies the commencement of Hindu New Year. Diwali is no exception for kids to get excited and a gift would add a cherry on the cake for their celebration.

When you pick gifts for the family members make sure you don’t forget to buy happiness for your little ones. Don’t break your head around where to go and find gifts for all age group, just hit the internet and you’ll be amazed to find numerous options Diwali gifts for kids online.

All you need to do is, sit comfortably on the couch and just click “Buy Now” option and shop the best Diwali gift for your kids that they would add in their toys collection. Here are some interesting Diwali gift ideas for kids from Shopkooky that will keep them occupy with new imagination and help them grow:

Grooming kit for babies

Your newborns should be groomed well for their wellbeing. If you have a newborn at home make sure you add the grooming kit that includes a book on how to use the grooming products and a baby manicure set.

Baby Library

Reading at the early age gains knowledge! A baby library is the best gift a parent can gift their child and it’s said to be the lifetime gift. Pick the books according to their age that’s interactive and helps in brain development.

Motor skill stuff

Cars and motor skilled toys are the best Diwali gifts for boys and certain toys help kids to develop motor skills and help exercise those little fingers, hands, and brain. Add rainbow colored toys that help to develop the baby’s eyesight. Bright colors draw babies’ attention; make sure you add books, accessories, toys that are baby proof and easy to handle. Motor skilled toys help your child progress through stages from simple stacking to complex hand manipulation.

DIY Kits

Your one-year-old kid has developed enough agility to handle the color pencil and it’s time to keep those imaginative muscles busy with art and craft kits. DIY kits are preferred as exotic Diwali gift ideas for baby girl. Make sure you keep an eye while shopping the craft kits, such as kid-friendly scissors, nontoxic glues, and colors.

Musical Instruments and Cars

Kids love listening to simple tunes and they try imitating them often! A music instrument would make your toddler happy. A majority of toddlers love to have their favorite cars and trucks by this age. When you learn which toys excite your kid and gift them a goodie that consists their favorite superhero t-shirt, books, toys, and much more.

Piggy Bank

Piggy bank sounds like great gifts for kids on Diwali that encourages your child to save money. Set a target for your child save some money every month and give me rewards when they reach the target.

Utility Things

When the kid’s favorite cartoon character is found on their utility things, their excitement is immeasurable. Trolley bags, water bottles, bags, and other stuff are adorable on those little hands. Decorative items and furnishings to décor your child’s room, such as bedspreads, clocks, and much more could be Diwali gift ideas for children.


Your kids have the ability to learn new things and their memory is strong to implement what they see things happening around them. Pick toys that are associated with their age and help them to improve their thinking power.

Toys Are Best Friends

It’s easy and affordable to send and buy the gifts online and avoid the pain going around the market to find the best deals.

Visit Shopkooky to find the best deals and festive offers, and experience the online shopping effortlessly.

Toys are designed based on the age not as per the gender. It attributes to develop the physical strength, artistic skills, cognitive, and overall development. Every toy helps to improve your child in one or the other effective way. This festive season find great offers and Diwali gift ideas for children and add excitement to their happiness.